RE PUERTO RICO CORP. It is a company with two priority objectives, on the one hand, to provide production companies with an alternative for the paid disposal of all types of waste from computer, electrical and electronic sources, and on the other, to provide the different recovery industries (metal smelters, recycling of plastics, litter bins, etc.), selected products for refining and incorporation into the production cycle.

Today practically all materials can be recycled, many times due to ignorance of the possibilities offered by recycling or the belief that waste is of no value often ends up in landfills, RE PR CORP. today it is an alternative for recycling and environmental protection

Environmental Policy

The recent concern for the environment that has been reflected in thousands of pages of environmental legislation, as well as in million-dollar advertising campaigns, which we are gradually getting used to making us let our guard down, would not make sense without that little EVERYDAY GESTURE of each one of us that compensates all that effort.

The environmental policy of RE PUERTO RICO CORP. as well as that of all those who in some way are committed to the conservation of the environment, is to promote the change that is increasingly necessary to us, using and applying all the means at our disposal to return to the productive cycle the greatest possible quantity of materials with the corresponding economic and energy savings.