We know the importance of computer technology in business and how difficult it is sometimes for many SMEs to keep their systems fully functional and up-to-date. To help improve the information technology infrastructures of small and medium-sized companies, we have made strategic alliances with important international companies dedicated to the recycling and reconditioning of these technologies, allowing us to offer the market first-class products with high quality standards and very affordable prices.
We have the capacity to supply a wide range of electronic equipment, both refurbished and new, whose main categories are as follows (not limited to them):
• Servers
• Laptops.
• Smartphones.
• Tablets.
• Screens.
• Memories.
• Storage units.
• Printers.
• Digital printing equipment.
• Plotters.
• Mainframe equipment.
• UPS equipment.
• Photocopiers.
• Televigilance equipment.
• Telecommunications equipment.
• Medical equipments.
• Laboratory equipment.

(*) If you require any specific electronic equipment, please contact us to present options from our databases that meet or adapt to your requirements.